P4S -- Processes for Safe and Secure Software and Systems

Welcome to the wiki of the P4S team of Lab-Sticc.


The P4S team is member of the SHARP cluster of the Lab-STICC laboratory (UMR 6285).

Its name is an acronym for Processes for Safe and Secure Software and Systems.

Our interest is in (methods and tools) to (specify and describe) (systems and software) so that (evaluation and analysis) ((increase confidence) and (ensure (safety and security))).

We use:

  • System modeling; because the product needs to be described
  • Process modeling and process improvement; because the development process is a key to safety, security and more generally confidence

We rely on:

  • Models federation; because many points of view need to be merged.
  • Free modeling; because points of views are specific and no framework (meta-model) can catch all points of view.
  • Formal Verification at all stages, all levels: intra-model, inter-models.
  • Mixing automatic and semi-automatic techniques


  • 2022-10-01 Vincent Ribaud is now emeritus associate professor
  • 2022-10-01 A new member: Éric Cariou, Associate Professor, UBO
  • 2022-06-30: the team seminar more on this page
  • 2022-04-01 A new member: Ihab Benamer, Research engineer, IMT Atlantique
  • 2022-03-01 A new member: Bruno Mateu, Phd student, IMT Atlantique
  • 2022-01-01 A new member: Gaélic Béchu, Research engineer, IMT Atlantique
  • 2022-01-01 A new member: Chahrazed Boudjemila, Phd student, IMT Atlantique
  • 2021-05-01 A new member: Caroline Cao, Prof. IMT Atlantique
  • 2021-04-14 A PhD defense: Bastien Drouot now post-doc at ENSTA Bretagne


The leader of the team is Fabien Dagnat.

Permanent members

  1. Jean-Christophe Bach, Asso. Prof. IMT Atlantique
  2. Antoine Beugnard, Prof. IMT Atlantique
  3. Caroline Cao, Prof. IMT Atlantique, chair “Industrie du Futur”
  4. Joël Champeau, Asso. Prof. ENSTA Bretagne
  5. Éric Cariou, Asso. Prof. UBO
  6. Fabien Dagnat, Asso. Prof. (HDR) IMT Atlantique
  7. Mounir Lallali, Asso. Prof. UBO
  8. Julien Mallet, Asso. Prof. IMT Atlantique
  9. Salvador Martinez Perez, Asso. Prof IMT Alantique
  10. Raúl Mazo, Prof. ENSTA Bretagne
  11. Vincent Ribaud, Asso. Prof. (HDR), Emeritus, UBO
  12. Siegfried Rouvrais, Assoc. Prof. IMT Atlantique, keywords: System of Systems Design & Verification; Processes for Quality Enhancement; Enterprise Architecture Frameworks; Strategical Alignment and Transformations; Agility and Robustness
  13. Jacques Simonin, Prof. IMT Atlantique
  14. Ciprian Teodorov, Asso. Prof. ENSTA Bretagne

Post-docs and engineers

  1. Luka Leroux, ENSTA Bretagne, Post-doc
  2. Santiago Ruano Rincón, IMT Atlantique, Engineer, shared time with other teams of the CS dpt. of IMT Atlantique
  3. Gaélic Béchu, IMT Atlantique, Ingénieur de recherche
  4. Valery Monthe, ENSTA Bretagne, Post-doc
  5. Ihab Benamer, IMT Atlantique, Ingénieur de recherche

PhD Students

  1. Sylvain Guérin, ENSTA Bretagne
  2. Benjamin Somers, IMT Atlantique et Arkéa
  3. Hiba Hnaini, ENSTA Bretagne
  4. Arnaud Allemang-Trivalle, IMT Atlantique, basé sur le campus de Nantes
  5. Chahrazed Boudjemila, IMT Atlantique
  6. Bruno Mateu, IMT Atlantique et Quarkslab
  7. Anne-Laure Wozniak, ENSTA Bretagne et Kereval

Past members

  1. Philippe Dhaussy, Prof. ENSTA Bretagne
  2. Fahad Golra
  3. Vincent Leilde, PhD defense on Thursday 14th Novembre 2019
  4. Fadi Obeid, PhD defense 22 may 2018
  5. Nicolas Duminy, IMT Atlantique, Post-doc
  6. Valentin Besnard, PhD defense 9th December 2020
  7. Nicolas Szlifierski, IMT Atlantique, PhD defense 17th Decembre 2020
  8. Mike Wahiu
  9. Étienne Louboutin, IMT Atlantique (Chaire de cyberdéfense des systèmes navals), PhD defense 11th January 2021
  10. Tithnara Nicolas Sun, ENSTA Bretagne, PhD defense 10th may 2022
  11. Bastien Drouot, ENSTA Bretagne, Post-doc
  12. Paul Perrotin, IMT Atlantique (Chaire de cyberdéfense des systèmes navals), PhD defense 14th december 2022
  13. Émilien Fournier, ENSTA Bretagne, PhD defense 5th july 2022

Technical section

If you need an access to the wiki, to our Git repositories or to our SSH server, please send an email to p4s-admin at imt-atlantique.fr (using the following rewriting rule: at -> @)


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