The P4S team is the result of the merge of two other teams used to work together, but attached to two different labs: IRISA and Lab-STICC.

In 2019, the team called PASS, attached to IRISA, has been transferred to Lab-STICC. PASS was member of IRISA since the 1/1/2013. Before, it was part of the computer engineering department of Télécom Bretagne (formerly Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne) under the name CAMA (Composants pour Architectures Mobiles et Adaptables). Previous members of PASS can be found here.

Before 2020, the host team in Lab-STICC was MOCS. MOCS has been divided into 3 smaller teams:

  • P4S ; software engineering, modelling
  • ARCAD ; software for hardware design
  • SHAKER ; software/hardware co-design

These teams compose the Sharp cluster. An historical webpage can be found here.

Past year reports