Fabien Dagnat, Associate Professor (HDR) at IMT Atlantique

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Short bio

Fabien Dagnat has been a lecturer in the IT department of the IMT Atlantique in Brest since 2002. Doctor since 2001 and HDR since January 2016, he is the leader of the P4S team at Lab-STICC. His field of research and teaching, software engineering, concerns the methods, theories and tools that contribute to improving software development. Within this framework, his work is mainly focused on software safety and security. The aim is to help engineers produce quality software that will perform its functions safely (without bad behaviour) and securely (even in a hostile environment). Both formal and informal models and construction processes are at the heart of its research. After having supervised seven PhD students, he is currently supervising three PhD students who have activities focused on security. From February 2009 to September 2009, he spent a study period at Airbus Defense and Space in Toulouse and then at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes. From August 2017 to August 2018, he spent a second study period in Atlanta, USA, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Responsible for the IT option at Telecom Bretagne for six years, he is now in charge of the software development course at the IMT Atlantique for one year (TAF DCL). In teaching, he is responsible for teaching concurrent software development, programming languages and compilation.

Current students

  1. Nicolas Szlifierski, 10/2016 – 12/2020
    • Safe control of obfuscation toolchains (Contrôle sûr de chaînes d’obfuscation logicielle)
    • Keywords: Obfuscation, Compilation chains, Domain-Specific Language, Formal semantics, Typing
    • funded by DGA
  2. Etienne Louboutin, 11/2016 – 1/2021
    • Software sensitivity to control flow hijack (Sensibilité de logiciels au détournement de flot de contrôle)
    • Keywords: Control flow hijack, Security-by-design, Sensitivity to attacks, Binary analysis
    • Co-advised with J-C. Bach
    • funded by chaire de cyberdéfense des systèmes navals
  3. Benjamin Somers, 11/2020 –
    • Modélisation d’infrastructure informatique pour l’identification et la prévention des risques
    • Co-advised with J-C. Bach
    • funded by Arkea

Past students

  1. Alexandre Gonzalves, 08/2019 – 06/2020
    • To refine symbolic and concrete deobfuscation of programs protected by opaque predicates (Affiner la déobfuscation symbolique et concrète de programmes protégés par des prédicats opaques)
    • Keywords: Obfuscation, Dynamic Symbolic Execution Engine, SMT Solver, Opaque Predicates
    • https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02927808
    • Defended on june the 2nd 2020
    • Co-advised with C. Fontaine
    • funded by DGA
  2. Bastien Sultan, 10/2015 – 08/2017
    • Maîtrise des Correctifs de Sécurité pour les Systèmes Navals
    • Not yet defended
    • Co-advised with C. Fontaine
    • funded by chaire de cyberdéfense des systèmes navals
    • Changed supervisor to Y. Kermarrec
  3. Sebastien Martinez, 10/2012 – 03/2016
  4. Fahad Golra, 01/2010 – 01/2014
  5. Xu Zhang, 09/2010 – 02/2012
    • Not defended
    • Co-advised with G. Simon
    • Official supervisor : A. Beugnard
    • Funded by fonds Carnots
  6. Tuan Anh Trinh, 12/2007 – 08/2011
    • Not defended
    • Official supervisor : A. Beugnard
  7. Meriem Belguidoum, 10/2004 – 02/2008
    • Conception d’une infrastructure pour un déploiement sûr et flexible des composants logiciels
    • Defended on february the 27th 2008
    • Official supervisor : G. Bernard
    • Funded by Orange